Lia P Gluten Free is the dream and desire of it's founder, Diane Eenigenburg come to life. Diane had been doing wedding favors, sweet tables, cookies, and candies for many years, for friends and family, and in 2008, opened La Petite Sweet to the public and expanded the operation to include a full bakery and cafe.

 Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous growth in the need for Gluten Free products, and have created our "Lia P" line (named after our granddaughter, Lia) to meet these needs.

 As we've expanded our line from the first few recipes, we've seen an increase in the customers that needed Gluten Free products. It became evident that in order to serve those customers safely, we needed to become dedicated Gluten Free. 

It was a tough decision, as it meant changing a large part of what we do, but it was the only way to assure our products meet the standards needed to be certified. Lia P has grown from a few select varieties, on one shelf, in a regular bakery, to taking over the entire operation and recently, going wholesale. 

We hope you enjoy our products.

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